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Flying cars

Companies such as Uber and Hyperloop One are pouring time and major resources into making innovative transportation concepts a reality.

Here are other neat transportation developments underway.

With flying cars, we may never have to sit in traffic again.

Big companies such as Uber, Boeing, and Airbus are actively developing the technology get airborne. So are Silicon Valley startups, such as Joby Aviation, Zee Aero and Kittyhawk. (The latter two startups have been funded by Google co-founder Larry Page.)

Related: Uber teams with NASA to make flying cars a reality

Uber, which is working alongside NASA, recentlyitalian and new shoes shoes to product high bags match SY60611 2016 for women heels detailed an ambitious goal to introduce commercial flying taxis within the next five years. Rides will be booked within the Uber app.

Although the cars seem like glorified helicopters, Uber believes it'll be safer and cheaper than what's already available.

"If you had an app to request a five-minute flight and skip all the tunnels to get out of New York City, that's a huge opportunity," said Sam Korus, an ARK Invest analyst who has studied flying cars.

First published May 17, 2018: 9:10 AM ET
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